World-leading researcher in electromagnetic radiation health-effects.

Johansson's Impact

Professor Olle Johansson is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. Among many achievements he coined the term ”screen dermatitis” which later on was developed into the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity which recognition mainly is due to his work. He has also been a guest professor as well as adjunct professor in basic and clinical neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

In 2011, Prof. Olle Johansson, was instrumental in producing the Seletun Scientific Statement, a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population. The paper was published in the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health. The Seletun Scientific Panel's recommendations are extremely important given the unchecked proliferation of wireless radiation over the past decade, such as from cell towers, wireless networks, wireless routers, and cell phones, as well as because of the plans by many ignorant governments to blanket neighborhoods in new, radiation-emitting utility 'smart' meters.

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Olle Johansson has participated in more than 300 congresses, symposia and meetings as an invited speaker, and with free contributions and as an invited ’observer’ at an additional 200. His studies have been widely recognized in the public media, including newspapers, radio and TV as well as on the Internet, both nationally as well as internationally, and he is a regular interview guest in magazines, journals, tabloids and newspapers, as well as in radio shows, TV programs and in the Internet-based news blogs and websites.

Olle Johansson is – or has been – a member of, i.a., The European Neuroscience Association (ENA), The European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), IBAS Users of Scandinavia (IBUS), The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), The International Society for Stereology (ISS), The New York Academy of Sciences, The Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy (SCANDEM), The Skin Pharmacology Society (SPS), Society for Neuroscience, Svenska Fysiologföreningen, Svenska Intressegruppen för Grafisk Databehandling (SIGRAD), Svenska Läkaresällskapet, and the Svenska Sällskapet för Automatiserad Bildanalys (SSAB).

Johansson's Credentials


Professor Johansson has published more than 800 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the fields of basic and applied neuroscience, dermatoscience, epidemiology, and biophysiology.

The archive of his work can be found in the following links...


He has received a number of awards, including the Nokia Consumer Electronics Award, The Grand Environment Award of the Cancer and Allergy Foundation, the SIF Award, Tandvårdsskadeförbundets Pris, and many more.

Support Professor Johansson's Research

In 2017, Professor Johansson parted with academia and retired from the Karolinska Institute and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Since then he has continued to investigate the adverse health and biological effects of microwave and radiofrequency radiation from wireless technology, relying on support from personal donations.

Johansson’s ongoing research will further improve our understanding of how and why electromagnetic fields are harming humans, other animals, plants and bacteria.

Credit cards

Professor Johansson also has a special research bank account, for those who prefer to donate through direct bank-to-bank financial transactions.

Nordea Bank

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Your Support Funds...

Donations will be used to support Professor Johansson’s ongoing and soon-to-be-started, collaborative projects such as:
  1. Expanding the current knowledge of the health impacts of 5G, as well as of the previous versions, 1G – 4G, and the coming 6G and 7G, and of other sources of artificial electromagnetic fields, including powerlines, smart meters, microwave ovens, low-energy light bulbs, etc. (these projects are in collaboration with different scientists around the world).
  2. Producing a public demonstration kit to be used in front of politicians, civil servants, TED talk audiences and TV reporters to clearly show negative impacts of 5G exposure (in consultation with Mr. Kim Horsevad, Denmark).
  3. Study the symptoms among persons with electrohypersensitivity as compared to healthy persons in the Japanese public transport system (project headed by Dr. Yasuko Kato, Japan).
  4. Investigate the reactions of plants to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), particularly from wireless gadgets (project in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Pilarcik, USA).
  5. Frequency medicine/energy medicine for human illnesses – cure or fantasy? (Collaborative partner yet pending.)
  6. Trying technical solutions to reduce the exposure and the possible health impact(s) of wireless systems (in collaboration with technical laboratories). Producing information material for the general public and for media.
  7. Producing information material for the general public and for media.
  8. Engage in the "Phonegate Alert Team" scientific committee, of which he is already a member.
  9. Building Biology as a way forward to create healthy, beautiful, and sustainable, ecologically sound and socially connected, environments. In addition to this, a lot of attention will be given to minimize exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields and wireless radiation, thus creating healthier environments to remedy the adverse health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation (project in collaboration with Ms. Monika Krajewska, EMRS Certified Building Biologist & Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, USA).

Generation Zapped

If I ask you how much more radiation penetrates your body today compared to ten years ago, is it twice as much? Three times as much?

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